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And, what do we offer?

Search Engine
Optimization Services

At NetSearch Direct of Richmond, SEO is a way of life. We live it and breathe it every day because search engine ranking factors change so very often. Optimizing websites is not a sideline that we do to “bring in extra revenue”; we are search engine marketing specialists. SEO, along with PPC, our main purpose for being in business; to bring you affordable, revenue generating leads through your small business or franchise website – and lots of them!

Locally owned and operated out of Richmond VA, we serve clients both locally in Virginia and throughout the United States. As a search engine optimization agency, we realize the need to provide professional SEO packages that are easy to understand and suit the needs of local and national businesses alike. Join the modern age of online advertising with NetSearch Direct today!


Fran who?

FRANSEM™… Our Newest Addition!

If you are part of a franchise organization, FranSEM™ is for you! Short for ‘Franchise Search Engine Marketing’ FranSEM™ organic SEO packages offer the perfect combination of franchisee independence and franchisor control of their brand and overlying message on your website.

More than just a modified method of SEO for franchises, it is an online business lifestyle that helps zees get the leads they need to prosper while helping franchisors protect and expand the brand. As an owner or operator of a franchise business, you are probably looking for the highest ROI on your advertising dollar. If so, search engine optimization service from NetSearch Direct is likely the perfect choice for your online marketing budget.


PPC Advertising, how does it work?

Turning conversions
into leads

If you need instant gratification from your search engine marketing, there’s no better way to get it than with pay-per-click advertising, or PPC for short.

With PPC you reach your entire Web marketplace almost instantly with the ability to choose which keywords you show up on the search engines for. Better yet, you have control over how much you invest in your campaign from cost paid per click to the cost of a generated lead. PPC is all about ultimate control and fast results!

When you choose NetSearch Direct for PPC advertising, you get the combination of a dedicated specialist overseeing your campaign along with the latest technology and reporting; just like you get with an SEO service package. Online marketing success through a pay per click campaign is just a click or phone call away.


Web Design Services

Cutting Edge Website Design

Where would the internet be without world-class web designers and innovative thinkers? It wouldn’t.

If you want your business to stand out online, you need a great website. Long gone are the days of, “If you build it; they will come”. Today, with all of the webpages competing to be seen, people need a reason to visit your site. And more importantly, they need a reason to stay and become a customer. That’s where great website design comes in. At NetSearch we realize this and excel at not only delivering best-of-breed designs targeted for conversions but also search engine friendly web designs that can be easily optimized.

Help your business grow with an attractive, website designed to convert visitors into new customers. Once built, our WordPress sites can be easily managed. Stay ahead of the curve with this easy to use platform optimized for readability by modern day search engines and devices such as tablets, and smartphones.

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