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NetSearch Direct is more than just a full-service interactive agency.


SEO, PPC, Web Design and More… NetSearch is a well organized team of Internet professionals whose talents include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC, CPM, etc.), and Web Design. More importantly, we are the people that get your business the leads it needs to survive and thrive in this modern ultra-competitive online world.

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Eight Years of Online Marketing Excellence!

NetSearch Direct was founded in 2006 as a search engine marketing company offering select services. Mike Meyer, our founder, with over 30 years in traditional media saw a need in the local Richmond market for high-quality online marketing services at reasonable rates. More than five years later, that is still the company’s goal – and we meet, and often exceed it, daily.

We have worked hard to secure the top talent in the industry. Our team’s individual experience goes back to the early days of the web; Mike Small with sixteen years experience in SEO being just one example.

With hundreds of SEO and Search Advertising clients, NetSearch is a proud member of the Richmond business community serving the entire United States.


  • Ad Extensions

    November 19, 2015

    ­­ ­­Ad Extensions Unimpressed with your website’s ad performance?  Searching for a way to offer more info than your ad space allows?  “Ad Extensions” may be the perfect Search Engine Marketing Tool for you.  Let’s delve into the world of Ad Extensions and learn how they can benefit your business. Ad extensions are extra pieces […]